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Both mentors and tutors are vital to achieving academic success but when combined under a personalized plan, they become an unbeatable team who can take you to a whole new level.

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The Importance of Mentorship

Mentors are a critical component of success. Without strong mentorship, students can feel lost and overwhelmed – drowning in a sea of questions. 

The Experience of Working with a Mentor

Mentorship is a one-on-one experience. You will work exclusively with your mentor who will give you the extra attention that may not always be there in a crowded classroom.

Our Tutors & Mentors - The Extent Difference

In addition to personal mentorship, we offer you the best tutors to help you overcome any obstacle you may have in a course or subject.

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We Match You With Your Perfect Mentor


Ronald Richards


Parents know that their children are multifaceted, complex individuals. At Extent Learning, we understand that too and we create processes, programs, and services that are as complex and unique as the students we serve. Parents can be comforted knowing that we are treating their children as individuals so we can provide them the best, most rigorously designed educational support services possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Really Get Help Any Day, Any Time?

Yes! Our services include support from experts 24/7. You can access our platform on the go via phone, tablet, or any other mobile device.

What is the difference between Tutors & Mentors?

Our tutors are the top minds in a specific subject or field. They are mission-driven experts who can help you with a specific subject. Mentors are full-service companions who guide you throughout our entire process. Mentors provide you with a broader strategy beyond any one subject.

Don’t Other Platforms Have Mentors? Why Are Yours Different?

We take more time upfront than anyone else to learn about you and your needs. Our assessments are scientifically proven to pair you with the right mentor instead of the “cookie-cutter” approaches others use.

On-Demand Mentorship? We’ve Got You!

Did something major come up and your mentor is not instantly available? It’s rare, but sometimes you need someone in a pinch. That’s where our on-demand mentorship program comes in.


Jacob Jones​


Every student has the capacity to be a prodigy in whatever pursuit they choose. By transforming how we approach education through a more modern, holistic approach; we can usher in a global talent renaissance.

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